Welcome to the home page of an old guy born in 1936 living in Miyamae-ku, Kawasaki Japan.
Initiating engineer's experience as a "Radio Boy" in the primary school age, and being educated as a Precision Mechanical Engineer in a university in Tokyo, I had been involved in the fields of manufacturing automation technologies for more than 40 years until the end of 2000.
 Because we all on the earth are fated to protect the environment while overcoming the serious problems created by the extreme uneven distribution of wealth, manufacturing technologies should not just be taken as arms of competition among private corporations, but must be shared by all human beings as tools for their survival. This idea made me keep on working as volunteer for the advancement of the international collaboration in the area of future manufacturing systems. I have been working for 2 years as an Advisor/Operator for IMS eMall -a public plaza to exchange information related to the next generation Intelligent Manufacturing Systems.
Please visit the http://www.ims.org, if you are interested in such international cooperation. This website being operated by the Inter Regional Secretary Office of IMS Programme has recently merged most of the web-database of the eMall which I and an Australian partner are keeping flesh from time to time.

 Meanwhile, the most important recreation for me has been mountaineering.
I started going mountains mid 1950's in my high-teen age. Including some  adventurous climbing until the end of twenties, and approximately decade of interrupt from early thirties to mid-forties, over 1000 days are estimated spent in mountains so far.
 Mountaineering was very helpful for me when I tried to recover physical and mental strength from the serious damage by spinal hernia back ache in late forties, and by stomach cancer surgery operation in late fifties. After I returned home from the hospital, I started doing short exercise walking around home, then gradually extended distance and height from small hill walking to higher mountains until rocky/snowy ones consulting my physical conditions. Even though I do not climb rock and ice any more, I am very happy being able to enjoy going to various mountains all year round. In Japan, we have countless mountains with more than 90% of the land covered by mountains.
You will be able to enjoy some pictures of Japanese mountains posted in this site, even though they don't have English explanations. In case you are interested in these pictures and feel like to go beautiful mountains in Japan, please do not hesitate contacting me by mail. As an experienced and aged mountaineer, I shall be very happy in helping you providing some information in English.

Another pleasure I am enjoying after my retirement is building old-fashioned PCs using junk(=old) parts as well as performance PCs by brand-new components. This is a hobby of "Old Radio Boy in 21st century"! Old-fashioned PCs are very suited for running old versions of DOS, Windows and OS2.
Recently, I have built a Linux PC as well. In the early days of "Micro Systems", when Bill Gates was a child, we mainly handled our computing tasks using "home made softwares" and free-wares posted as Public Domain Softwares.
In my view, only the domains of free UNIX still retain the virtue of good old days before the appearance of the evil tyrant ruler!

                  (DIY-PC and Home LAN)

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